March 16-28 2009

For two weeks in March 2009, the Tallahassee community had the rare opportunity to see and hear renowned scholars discuss how fundamental discoveries in science, religion, philosophy, history and the arts have shaped our understanding of life, civilization and our grasp of what lies ahead.  This event was inspired by a global celebration of the extraordinary legacy of Charles Darwin in his 200th birthday year. For more information please view the Origins Retrospective video piece.

Sponsored by:

The FSU Office of Research, The FSU College of Medicine, and FSU's Academic & Professional Program Services (APPS)

Co-sponsored by:

The Tallahassee Scientific Society

Funding provided by :

The Florida Humanities Council The FSU College of MedicineThe FSU Council for Research & Creativity The FSU Research FoundationThe Tallahassee Scientific SocietyThe FSU Department of PhysicsFSU Women in Math, Science and EngineeringThe FSU Department of HistoryThe FSU Department of ReligionThe Center for Inquiry, Tallahassee ChapterThe Tallahassee Astronomical SocietyThe FSU Student Life Center